Day 1 @ Bombay – Aug 9th

Today, the rest of the team will be arriving during the day, so Keith and I, since we were the first ones to arrive Bombay met at the lobby at 12 PM, and there we met Malcolm from Australia, we went for some coffee, and we were told that it was near the hotel, right around the corner, so we learned our first lesson, the concept “near” in here is much different, since we walked longer than expected, but we finally got there and we had some cappuccinos, on our way back to the hotel we met Nina (UK) and Paula(Brazil), so they joined us and we went to have lunch, we took a rickshaw so we had our very first rickshaw trip, we arrived at the restaurant and then we read the menu, and nobody knew what to order so we just asked the waiters to recommend something vegetarian for Nina, Paula and myself, Malcolm and Keith choose Chicken Masala, and all of our meals were great, the spicy was medium so it was a good first approach to Indian food, after lunch, we took again a rickshaw back to the hotel, later that day we met Emily (USA) and Peter (Germany) and we went dinner, but this time we have some help from Emily who knows a little bit more about Indian food, however again it seemed to me that we are having “surprise meals” since we still don´t understand much about the names and what they are, but we have been lucky enough to have great meals so far, I hope this lucks continues :D…

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