Women in the villages

I wanted to create a special section for the women in the villages because we have been in all this meetings with farmers where I´m always the only woman in the meeting, but I wanted to share a little bit of my experience because Bhimsi (Our Client) suggested us that only another woman can approach the women in the farms, just to demonstrate respect, and because of this I think I am experiencing something extra than my teammates Malcolm and Anton, since I am allowed to go into the kitchen with the ladies and they show me their homes and they are really really kind to me, they also do their best to speak in English with me so I can understand their explanations and well what can I say, it is just amazing to see this important part of their lives too.



In the second picture, the woman that is holding my hand is the owner of the farm and she was showing me all their different crops. And she holds my hand just to show her friendliness and hospitality.


One thought on “Women in the villages

  1. Malcolm says:

    Claudia, I’m not sure that you’ve noticed that faces of the young women on the farms when they realize that you’re a member of the group. They absolutely light up. It’s been the same everywhere we’ve been. They’re clearly very pleased when you break away and talk with them.

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